Seeking Optimism: How to Manage COVID-19 Stress

Don’t get me wrong, considering the future is important. But if you’re feeling anxiety, overthinking about the future can be detrimental to your well-being and health.

This has been a really tough time for everyone. Here are some quick tips on how to maintain a healthy mental state during an unpredictable time.

  1. Focus on today.
    Yesterday already happened and tomorrow don’t exist. All we know is today, especially during such an unpredictable time. Sometimes we stress ourselves out by the unpredictability of the future or the regrets of the past. Some future planning can be responsible, but too much can distract you from the beauty of today. What are you grateful for today?
  2. Stop worrying about what’s out of your control
    Many things are out of our control. Worrying inhibits our happiness and quality of life. Rather than stress about your lack of control, focus on what you can control.
  3. Take the opportunity to look inward
    This is such a rare opportunity to get to know yourself better. Listen to yourself to understand what you really want. When the world starts up again, you’ll feel proud of how you used your time for personal growth.
  4. Utilize your bonus time
    Once you learn to slow down and understand what you really want, let’s start tackling it! I’m not saying you need to be “productive,” a word many people are feeling stressed by. Rather work towards whatever is best for you. Are you usually swamped with a busy life and want to use this opportunity to just rest and watch Netflix? That’s great! Others may work towards a passion or the breaking down of an unhealthy habit. Whatever it is, go after it!

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