More time, more flexibility, but more anxiety? It actually makes complete sense.

Finally, we have more time! So why does more time actually bring us anxiety?

In the noise of a busy lifestyle, we are oftentimes distracting ourselves from an underlying challenge. I was doing this for years without even realizing it.

During a quarantine like this, without much of a schedule at all, we’re left with more time alone with ourselves. Some people can thrive in this scenario, very in touch with their inner selves. Others are having to get to know themselves for the first time with deep hesitation, distracting with Netflix, Instagram, gaming and music.

But there is a benefit to this quiet time if you choose to take advantage of it.

Finally, your chance to look inward and address these underlying challenges. At a time when we feel a lack of control, looking inward can help you achieve more understanding and comfort than ever before.

Now here’s a plot twist – many of our anxieties are actually trying to do something good for us. They’re trying to keep us safe, push us to be successful, and other desires. However, too much anxiety means that something is misaligned or outdated. Sometimes we need to “update our system,” as my mentor likes to describe it.

One example of an anxiety that needs updating, is an old fear that you no longer need. Years after the coronavirus vaccine is successfully created, many people will still fear germs and viruses. Currently, some anxiety about our hygiene can keep us safe. However, in the future we’ll need to update our minds to realize the threat is gone.

Many of us simply don’t understand our anxiety.

How can you resolve something you don’t even understand? Anxiety is merely a conflict within yourself. No drama necessary like in conflict with friends, just look inward and give yourself the moment to listen.

Take a moment to think about what’s causing you to feel anxiety. Is it really trying to keep you safe, happy, or purposeful? Is there a healthier way to achieve what you want? It’s normal if you don’t know all these answers, sometimes they lie deep in our subconscious. Meditation can sometimes unlock those parts of your mind. If you can’t figure it out on your own, a trained therapist can definitely help guide you.

Now is the time to listen to yourself and make the steps you need to live a happy, successful, and purposeful life without anxiety. You are in control.

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