More time, more flexibility, but more anxiety? It actually makes complete sense.

Finally, we have more time! So why does more time actually bring us anxiety? In the noise of a busy lifestyle, we are oftentimes distracting ourselves from an underlying challenge. I was doing this for years without even realizing it. During a quarantine like this, without much of a schedule at all, we’re left with more time alone with ourselves. Some people can thrive in this scenario, very in touch with their inner selves. Others are having to get to

How Learning VR Development Is Deepening My Appreciation For Nature

Have you ever tried to replicate nature? Let me give away the ending, it’s extremely hard. My grandma is an incredible painter. She used to tell me that she sees light and color differently because of her artistic eye. “What colors do you see on that tree?” she’d ask me. With an amateur eye, I’d respond “green.” After years of this training I knew better, responding with a few less obvious colors like purple and yellow. My mind was telling

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